While all efforts are made to keep this information current, all rules and awards published on this website shall be considered unofficial. Official rules and awards will be distributed and announced at the registration check-in and captains meeting.

All teams pay a tournament base entry fee of $1,500 for the billfish division and/or a $500 entry fee for the game-fish division. Teams may enter one or both divisions. The tournament base-entry-fee prize money will be disbursed to the winners accordingly: 50 percent goes to the tournament; the remaining 50 percent goes to the top three team-point leaders in the team billfish and game-fish divisions.

Team Division Awards

First-Place Team - 25 Percent

Second-Place Team - 15 Percent

Third-Place Team - 10 Percent

High-Point Lady Angler

High Point Billfish Junior Angler - Trophy and Prize Package

Game Fish Division Awards

First-Place Team - 25 Percent

Second Place - 15 Percent

Third-Place Team - 10 Percent

Optional Daily Billfish Release Jackpot - 90 Percent Payback

The optional daily billfish release jackpot fee is $1,000. The daily billfish-release jackpot covers both days of fishing. The daily billfish-release prize consists of one-half of the total available jackpot money. If no billfish are released on an individual day, the jackpot rolls over to the next day. If on the final day of fishing no billfish are released, then the final-day jackpot money goes to the previous day's winner. Only teams entered in the daily billfish-release jackpot will be eligible for these cash awards.

Optional Overall Billfish Release Points Jackpot - 90 Percent Payback

The optional overall billfish-release-points jackpot fee is $1,000. The top three billfish-release point teams entered in the jackpot will split the pot accordingly:

  • First-place overall release points -- 50 percent
  • Second-place overall release points -- 30 percent
  • Third-place overall release points -- 20 percent

Only teams entered in the overall billfish-release-points jackpot will be eligible for these cash awards.

Prize Disbursement

Any team receiving cash awards must fill out a prize-disbursement form prior to receiving any funds or prizes. Each registered team representative is in control of any winnings and must sign this form. All winnings will be sent to the winners once all funds have cleared the bank. All winners and entrants of this tournament may be subject to a polygraph test at the tournament committee's discretion. If a participant refuses to submit to a polygraph test for any reason, then any winnings that may be coming to that participant (or his or her team) will be automatically forfeited.


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